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We are passionate about towing and trailing!

Our magazine was launched, in paper format, in 2002 and has been towing and trailing from strength to strength, since then.

Our website has similarly followed suit and today both our magazine and website attract thousands of views online.

For the dedicated tower or trailer motorist, we are essential reading.

Every issue features some specific issue of towing, trailing and caravanning.

Our readers like to be informed and we do our best to keep them in the know, when it comes to the legal requirements for towing.

Safety is and always has been our number one priority. We are committed to improving road safety and making sure that both our drivers, and the wider public, are protected on their journey.

Need to know the best way to tow horses? We have it covered.

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If it is connected to towing or trailing, you will find it in these pages and if it is not in a current edition, then it most likely will have been covered in one of our previous issues.

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We welcome our readers’ input and are always interested to hear their views. If there is a topic that you would like to see featured in these pages and it hasn’t been done yet, then we will be interested in covering it.

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